A dry dog nose is easy to treat if you know what the underlying condition is, so take them to a trained vet to diagnose the root cause.

Once you have ruled out any serious causes and treated any underlying disease appropriately, you can address the dryness of the nose .

“Dog nose” or “nasal hyperkeratosis”, a common cause of dry dog nose, is when excess keratin production leads to the nasal tissues hardening and cracking, even to the point of making a pup more vulnerable to secondary skin infections.  (Keratin is a protein prevalent in hair, nails, and similar structures in the body.) Some breeds are thought to be more at risk of dog nose hyperkeratosis than others but any dog can develop the condition. 

The hardening and cracking of the dog nose can resemble a “crusty” nose, but it is important to remember that this “crust” when hyperkeratosis is present consists of an overgrowth of actual skin cells, not a crust formed of dried mucous, and so it should NOT be picked off.  Picking it off can cause your dog to bleed and lead to infection. 

Soothe and keep your dog’s nose moist with a high-quality nose balm such as Puddle Dumpling Nose Balm that is made from all-natural ingredients to help relieve your dog’s nasal hyperkeratosis.

Nasal Hyperkeratosis

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