About Our Use of Beeswax

At Puddle Dumpling and Respect Soaps we always try to make the most ethical, green choices for all our products. 

Whilst our soap, shampoos and conditioner bars are 100% Vegan, our balms and salves do contain Beeswax. 

When formulating our balms we had to carefully consider, and research, the alternatives and made a conscious decision to use locally produced (when available) Beeswax, rather than incur a much greater carbon footprint by using other vegetable based waxes being shipped from across the globe. 

Also the ecological impact of other waxes (deforestation and processing methods) seemed on balance to outweigh the good. 

We continue to give back to the bees, by regularly including a packet of bee friendly flower seeds with orders (when available).

Why Use Beeswax?


When applied to skin it provides a barrier from environmental contaminants. It holds in moisture and reduces dryness. Unlike petroleum jelly, it is also breathable and doesn’t clog pores.


It attracts water molecules, helping to keep skin hydrated.


Beeswax is antibacterial, keeping skin clean and reducing the risk of infection.

Vitamin A 

It’s surprisingly high in vitamin A which means it helps in cell turnover rates, reconstruction and skin elasticity.


Beeswax is anti-inflammatory and has been shown to help soothe burns, eczema and promote healing of wounds.

Common alternatives to beeswax.

Candelilla Wax 

Derivedfrom the leaves of the candelilla shrub the same lubricating properties as beeswax but is harder and much less pliable. 

Recently unsafe working conditions and methods of production have come to light and uses high levels of sulphuric acid in the extraction method. 

Carnuba Wax

Extracted from palm trees that grow in Brazil. 

Production of this plant causes similar environmental damage as seen by the issues caused by palm oil plantation monoculture.

3. Soy Wax

The concern with soy is that if it’s not organic it is almost certainly genetically modified. 98% of the soy wax available comes from GMO seed. 

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